Investment Banking

MCP, LLC is a private investment banking and business development company to be formally launched in mid-summer 2002.  The Company's headquarters will occupy the fourth floor of the Marmaduke Building adjacent to the Seelbach Hilton Hotel) on Fourth Avenue in Louisville, KY. 

Management will be comprised of local and regional professionals with national and international investment experience. Collectively, the management group has completed over $500 million in investment transactions and has vast legal, corporate finance, investment banking, venture capital and business development experience.

MCP's Business Strategy is focused on two core objectives.  First, to select quality portfolio companies capable of becoming market leaders.  Second, to contribute the financial, management, business development and other resources necessary to ensure their success.   MCP brings proven venture experience together with critical business services to create a model for the next generation of venture capital.

Building market-leading companies takes more than just capital.  MCP is developing a network of internal and external resources to help accelerate the development of our portfolio companies.  With significant  financial and human capital, we act as a partner to help ensure success and achieve an appropriate
return on investment for MCP and its investors.



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